Carlisle Event Guides — 2014 Corvettes at Carlisle
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David Gray
Mike Garland

Local Enthusiast Has a Need for Speed

Corvettes go fast, that goes without saying. Some are strictly driven fast, while others are given the half and half treatment - driven fast on a track or driven at speed as a daily driver. One guest this weekend has done a little bit of both, in fact, this local has a real need for speed.

Meet Dave Gray of Carlisle. Dave recently retired after 40 years in the heavy duty truck business and while he worked around large, cumbersome vehicles for his nine-to-five, his downtime was, and still is, fast and furious.

"I'm retired now but I have owned and raced Corvettes for some time," noted Gray.

As of this writing, Gray just completed the Hershey Hill Climb in his buddy's 1957 Corvette and in general, he likes doing those types of things.

"Currently, my son and I race a 1985 Corvette track car at hill climb events and I also race a 1956 at land speed events such as the Bonneville Salt Flats," continued Gray.

As you can see, Gray keeps himself busy and really enjoys the Corvette in a way that he feels they were intended - racing and going fast. Gray has a cool tie-in this weekend too, as he has a 1956 Corvette registered in the Race Reunion. In fact, this car just returned from competing at the Bonneville Salt Flats. You just might notice salt residue on it.

While there are many cool cars in this display, we wanted to spotlight Dave Gray due to the fact that this car just competed and that as local enthusiasts go, he's one of the most local ones we have in the display. Oh, and best of all, Dave is also a charter vendor of Corvettes at Carlisle - having been involved since year one in 1982!