JMU International Programs — Annual Report 2015
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Engaged With The World
Lee Sternberger

JMU’s Internationalization Strategy

The campus community has witnessed tremendous growth in international activities over the past 12 years, and this last year has proven no different. The number of international students on campus is up, due to the efforts of admissions and the partnership with Study Group. We continue to see strong interest in diversifying our community with the recruitment of international faculty as well. Study abroad participation remains strong. And we note more and more programming on campus and faculty and staff travel – to research, perform and present abroad.

This year the OIP formed its first Council, a team of faculty, staff and students from across the university that will serve as a sounding board and guide for our collective international plans, which we expect to share with the JMU community early in the next academic year. Two exciting and “big picture” goals are to increase the percentage of students who study abroad from 25% to 33% over the next five years and to increase the percentage of international students on campus from 2.9% to 6-8% of our student body in the same time frame. These are important targets in our efforts to provide all students with an international experience – whether work, study or service abroad or the presence of international friends in classrooms and residence halls – so that we can truly educate “enlightened citizens” who are prepared for our interdependent and complex world.

These goals are exhilarating and daunting – and will take the entire community to reach. The OIP staff and I appreciate all that the campus community has done to support this important work – faculty, staff, students and administrators alike. We look forward to the creative energy and process of implementing our new strategic planning and movin’ this baby along.

Lee Sternberger

Executive Director

Office of International Programs