JMU — Madison Special Report Winter 2013
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Madison Moments

One Madison family

Why is Madison uniquely suited to address the most pressing challenges of our society and our world? Why is it important to make JMU the national model of an engaged university? The answers to the question “Why Madison?” live in the culture of James Madison University. For more than 100 years Madison has been known as a family. Alumni from every generation connect and interconnect; and JMU President Jonathan R. Alger says that JMU alumni, students, professors, parents and friends are telling him, “Nearly everyone wants to be engaged in the life of the university.”

Madison has the perfect culture to cultivate a university that engages with ideas and with the world.

“We are all one Madison family,” says Alger. “Our outstanding faculty members build lasting and important relationships with students. Our alumni have built and cultivated relationships across generations. It’s time for all of us to engage as one Madison family and take JMU to a level of national prominence that will help us change the world.”

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