JMU International Programs — OIP The Benefits of Study Abroad 2015
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OIP Mission & Vision

The mission of the OIP is to broaden world views and promote global understanding for the JMU community by cultivating, facilitating and supporting international engagement.

The vision of the OIP is to make global experiences—at home and abroad—attainable for all of the JMU community.

Years from now, how will that experience still inform your life?

A survey of students three to 45 years after their international experience found that:

• When participants were asked to rank a list of 12 college experiences in terms of impact, they ranked study abroad number one, above peer interactions and coursework (number two and three respectively). The list also included sports, clubs, student government, community service, and interaction with faculty, among other items.

• Participants reported their study abroad experience was directly related to their own sense of civic engagement, volunteerism, philanthropic activities, and social entrepreneurship.

• 60% enrolled in one or more advanced degree programs, and of those, 35% indicated an internationally oriented graduate program.

• Finally, 72% of participants reported that study abroad helped their career to “some” or “a large” degree.