JMU International Programs — JMU OIP Annual Report 2015–16
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Our Global Community

Increasingly, we in the Office of International Programs see the communities we serve as interconnected and interdependent, neither international nor domestic, but global. Like other proactive international offices around the United States and the world, the OIP recognizes and embraces the natural complementarity among study abroad, the presence of international students and scholars on our campus and outreach to our local and global communities. When we bring them together, our efforts can more deliberately and effectively couple academic preparation with regional, national and international experiential education and thereby cultivate engaged global citizens.

As we apply a more contemporary and meaningful focus on JMU’s linkage of “local-to-global,” we include global in its broadest and most creative sense, to mean both encompassing and international. We always enhance our work and the broad worldview we seek to promote by enabling our students to understand the local context, wherever they may be, and helping them also to see, in very real terms, that what is local is also global.

Together, we can maximize our extraordinary promise and potential to engage and convene our many stakeholders at home and abroad toward shared means and common ends. Our aim is global engagement, starting right here in the Shenandoah Valley.

Lee Sternberger
Executive Director, Office of International Programs