JMU — Community Calendar Winter 2012
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Service Is Essential To Our Education

GReetings! My name is Truman Horwitz and I represent a relatively new organization at James Madison University called Student Greater Madison. Our mission is to strengthen the relationship between JMU students, the City of Harrisonburg and the Harrisonburg community at large through discussion, service and partnership with numerous community organizations.

We believe that serving our community is essential to this goal. Our organization provides several opportunities for students to get involved in Harrisonburg. Monthly, we organize a service project in partnership with a local nonprofit. In addition to participating in these projects ourselves, we invite other student organizations and unaffiliated students to participate as well.

In the same spirit of service as the monthly projects is The Big Event — a campuswide day of service in which we send student and faculty volunteers all over the Harrisonburg area to complete service projects. Starting early last fall, we partnered with JMU’s Student Government Association to organize this day to give back to Harrisonburg. On a chilly Saturday morning in April, the first JMU Big Event occurred, pulling in more than 1,000 student volunteers. Planning is under way for the 2012 Big Event, set for April 14, and our goal is to make this event even bigger and more successful than the last.

If you are a Harrisonburg nonprofit or Harrisonburg resident and would like to submit a request for student volunteers or would simply like more information about The Big Event, please email

We find that once students become active in the community, they discover and truly appreciate that going to college is more than attending class; it is about building important relationships that last far beyond our time as students at JMU.

Yours in service,


Executive Director, Student Greater Madison James Madison University