BMW CCA Windy City — August 2013
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The Steering Wheel

Welcome to the new and improved Breeze! We’re going green - and every other color, in the same edition. As you have already undoubtedly noticed, the Breeze has made the leap to color. I bet red would look great in here, especially Imola Red (Larry - hint). What may not be as apparent is that the Breeze is also available online via the Windy City BMW web site. Check out the home page, also new and improved, for a link to the online version. Details will be forth coming on how to switch to an electronic only subscription for those that prefer batteries to paper.<br /> <br /> Hope you’re enjoying your summer! If there’s still some time not already committed to your favorite summer activities, please consider attending the picnic and Geneva Concours on Sunday, August 25. Time is running out to register, so sign up soon.<br /> <br /> SAYING GOODBYE TO BLACK & WHITE <br /> <br /> With the new color printer package from National, it means goodbye to our ever faithful printer, Bill Hameder from Aires Press in Chicago. Bill went way beyond our expectations on helping us with the Breeze. We have worked with him for years and years. He produced a excellent print job. He encouraged us to move to InDesign in November of 2006. What a big leap forward for Windy City BMW. Made the newsletter much easier to produce once the old editor learned the new STUFF. We would send the file to Bill, he would respond “perfect” and in less than a week you had the Breeze in your hands. Bill delivered the extra Breeze to our home so we could send them out to new members as they signed up.<br /> <br /> It was very hard to make the decision to go with the new BMW CCA printer package. Larry and I can’t thank Bill enough for all the help and encouragement he has offered us. If you need a great printer, Bill is your man.<br /> <br /> Aires Press, 312-226-2121.<br /> <br /> BARBARA ADAMS, Editor<br /> <br /> TASTE OF DRIVING SCHOOL <br /> <br /> We are offering a ride with an instructor at our driving schools. If you are interested, please let us