4 VA at JMU — Moving Forward 2014
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What Is 4-Va?

4-VA is a collaborative partnership between four Virginia universities. Its mission is to promote inter-university collaborations that leverage the strengths of each partner university in order to accomplish much more than any individual university could achieve alone. In addition, 4-VA strives to do the following:

1. Decrease the cost of delivering instruction

2. Expand access for all Virginians to programs preparing them for rewarding careers

3. Increase research competitiveness

4. Enhance the success rate of students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses and programs.

Unity is strength...when there is collaboration, wonderful things Is teamwork and things can be achieved.

– Mattie Stepanek

History of 4-VA

IN 2010, the presidents of four universities combined forces with the governor, other members of the Virginia government and Cisco Systems, Inc. to launch 4-VA in response to the Governor’s Higher Education Commission and the Governor’s Commission on Economic Development & Job Creation.

The commissions are focused on education and innovation to “better position Virginia to create jobs and grow the economy.”

That same year, 4-VA began implementing a telepresence system so the universities’ administration, staff and faculty could work toward their common goals in a live virtual environment. With two videoconferencing rooms on each campus and the infrastructure in place, 4-VA was ready to focus on its initiatives.

4-VA at JMU

4-VA AT JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY is housed under the Department of Information Technology and works closely with Dale Hulvey, the Assistant Vice President of Information Technology. Nick Swayne is the Director and Campus Coordinator. Kai Brokamp is the Assistant Director and also works closely with the 4-VA Graduate and Undergraduate Assistants.

The Board

4-VA’S DIRECTION is set by the management board, which consists of the four university presidents, Virginia’s Secretary of Education, the Executive Director of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV), and Carol Stillman, the Business Development Manager for Higher Education for Cisco.