BMW CCA Windy City — September 2015
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The Steering Wheel

The life blood of any organization is its membership. In order to keep our club vibrant we need to retain current members and recruit new members. What can we all do to fulfill these two goals? We can not force people to join, not legally, that is, but there are some approaches that can increase the probability that people will join. Each person who joins a group or club wants to know what is in it for them. It may be social, technical, educational, or just as simple as gaining more knowledge about the brand. We need to communicate how being a member will benefit each individual. Most of us are very passionate about our cars and our club. They are sources of joy, excitement, and pride. In many cases they are a statement of who we are or who we want to be. People always make time for what important for them. How can we make club membership better? Our members should not have to adjust to the club, but rather, the club should adjust to the needs and desires of the membership. We need to seek a diverse group of new members. I know that many of you know someone that should be a member of our club. I urge each of you to seek out this person or persons and make a concerted effort to bring them into the fold. October is national join Windy City BMW Club month. Please help in making it a success.