Florida Realtor May 2012 : Cover

Florida Legal: What should a seller know about material defects? R & T ealtors® rade Expo 2012 pg. Conven 31 tion SIGN UP! THE BUSINESS MAGAZINE OF FLORIDA REAL ESTATE I fl oridarealtors.org/magazine I May 2012 ® TECH SAVVY TEAM PLAYER TRUST IN AUTHORITY FAMILY Why Gen Y? Because They’re Your Future CONFIDENT CENTRIC FEEDBACK CRAVE IN THE CLOUD DIGITAL NATIVES COLLABORATIVE Plus Take 5 Video Series: Your Free 5-Minute-Speakers Bureau Get More Blog Readers Use Facebook as Your Website FLORIDA REALTORS® fl oridarealtors.org TEXTING COLLABORATIVE TECH-SAVVY ORIENTED TRUSTING FEEDBACK ACHIEVEMENT Generation Y rivals the Baby Boomer generation in sheer size. We’ve got tips for working with this tech-savvy group of buyers. CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT By Tom Ferry FAMILY IN THE CLOUD CONFIDENT ACHIEVEMENT IDENTIFY YOUR NETWORK; THEN BUILD IT ACHIEVEMENT Confused about how to use LinkedIn? We’ve got answers.

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