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LTG Jack STuLTz Chief of Army Reserve Positive Investment Return an operational army Reserve continues to show its value to america. hile in the midst of the second longest war in our nation’s history and the longest ever fought by an all-volunteer force, the Army Reserve, as an operational force, continues to be a positive return on investment for America. As we enter our 10th year of war, we continue to engage in protracted confrontation with state, non-state, and individual actors who are increasingly willing to use violence to achieve their political and ideological ends. These adversaries will not quit; they will not give up; and they will not go away. These conflicts will inevitably strain our ability to maintain the all-volunteer force if not properly attended and resourced. As the long-term ideological struggle against these forces continues, we must continue our commitment and prepare for the unexpected. We must do both at a sustainable and predictable tempo for our Soldiers and their families. enterprise management approach and focuses on capturing best practices and applying business management principles in the core enterprise management areas of human capital, readiness, material, and services and infrastructure. In 2011, we will engage human capital management strategies to shape the Army Reserve into an affordable and effective force capable of supporting national security objectives and our combatant commanders’ warfighting needs. Recruiting Operational Transformation The Army Reserve is undergoing its largest ever transformation, going from a strategic reserve to an operational force. As our Warrior Citizens continue to answer the call to duty, the time is right to shape the force to meet the challenges of the future. Our platform for shaping the force is the Army Reserve Enterprise—a structure that aligns with the Army’s O fficer / J anuary –f ebruary 2011 The Army Reserve achieved its end-strength objective, but human capital management faces other challenges. Successful recruiting added a welcome abundance of Soldiers in pay grades E-3 and below, but recruiting new Soldiers as privates cannot fill the thousands of mid-grade noncommissioned officer vacancies that currently exist. Additionally, because the current recruiting system lacks precision, the current force has unnecessary imbalances. They also exist in the officer corps with shortages in the mid grade and over-strengths in senior grades. Already, we are shifting these internal imbalances through a holistic recruiting, retention, and transition strategy that touches many Army organizations. Moreover, the Army Reserve will effectively partner with Accessions Command, Human 32 the

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