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RDML SanDRa StoSz Director of Reserve and Leadership, Coast Guard Reserve From Quick Response to new Horizons 2010 events emphasized the importance of the Coast Guard Reserve and served as a foundation to build a stronger future force. he Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve have been fully engaged over the past few years with implementing a substantial, servicewide modernization effort. For the Reserve force, this has meant reorganizing our support structure to improve readiness. In 2010, our reservists—both individual augmentees and members of port security units—demonstrated just how ready they are by responding immediately to the Haiti earthquake disaster and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico area. Never have our reservists performed better; the nation is fortunate to have these dedicated, patriotic, selfless men and women, with the support of their families and employers, on the frontlines in service to our country. However, among our modernization efforts, historical disaster responses, and ongoing overseas contingency operations, our Reserve force is strained. We must focus on a course that will steady our force into the future. Through a strategic management plan, we will examine optimal force size based on force requirements defined by the operational and mission support commanders; develop a 52 the concept of employment that will guide reservists in attaining and maintaining specific competencies for mobilization; and clearly define our mobilization and demobilization processes. Rapid Response Unprecedented responses dominated throughout fiscal year 2010. With mission support and mobilization readiness as keys to our success, we quickly responded to the January earthquake in Haiti. As part of Operation Unified Response, we deployed Port Security Unit (PSU) 307 and individual reservists with select specialties to provide port safety and security in Port-Au-Prince and nearby ports. After receiving presidential recall authorization under Title 10 of the U. S. Code, we mobilized 195 reservists, most deploying with only 48 hours’ advance notice. As a deployable surge capability, the Coast Guard Reserve’s PSU force package was vital to ensuring the safe passage of relief supplies and shipping commerce in the port and surrounding waters of Haiti. Domestically, this year’s snow melt, combined with heavy spring rain, caused our inland rivers to swell, bringing severe flooding to many areas. O fficer / J anuary –f ebruary 2011

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