Florida Realtor July 2010 : Cover

Brokers talk top legal issues and how to educate sales associates. Florida PULL R -OUT & T ealtors® rade SE Expo 2010 CTION C pg. onven 7 tion THE BUSINESS MAGAZINE OF FLORIDA REAL ESTATE I fl oridarealtors.org/magazine I July 2010 ® Investors Are Back! And looking for long-term profi ts and rock-bottom prices. Reach this niche. Avoid cringe-worthy videos with these tips for getting quality sound and picture. Plus What’s the Realtors ® Property Resource ™ ? How to Go Paperless Market to the Military VISUAL TREAT OR HIT DELETE? 5 Top producers aren’t tops by accident. WINNING WAYS FLORIDA REALTORS® fl oridarealtors.org

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