Florida Realtor October 2010 : Cover

Makeover: How to go from personal to professional on Facebook. THE BUSINESS MAGAZINE OF FLORIDA REAL ESTATE I fl oridarealtors.org/magazine I October 2010 ® LESSONS FROM THE OIL SPILL Slips s Double Trips, ethics No matter what area of the state is impacted, we’re all in this together rebuilding Florida’s brand. Find out why you can count on Florida Realtors® to come through for you in tough times. Plus Find a Niche and Feed It Virtual Broker Builds Strong Compliance Practices Logo-Motion: It’s a Wrap! FLORIDA REALTORS® fl oridarealtors.org Flips & Back Even the most diligent real estate professionals can fi nd themselves in a situation that doesn’t feel comfortable. But, is it an ethics violation?

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