Florida Realtor Nov/Dec 2010 : Cover

Makeover: Learn New Ways to Drive Tra c to Your Website ® THE BUSINESS MAGAZINE OF FLORIDA REAL ESTATE I fl oridarealtors.org/magazine I Nov/Dec 2010 NAVIGATE THE FOREIGN NATIONAL MORTGAGE MAZE Do you work with foreign investors who need a mortgage? We sort out fact from fi ction. Online rants and raves can have a powerful impact on your reputation. Are you on top of it? OUCH! I THOUGHT THEY LIKED ME! Small on space but big on personality, we’ll buy it: ) STAY ONE TEXT AHEAD OF TODAY’S BUYERS Plus Video Emails Add Personality New Mortgage, Appraisal Laws 2D Barcode Marketing Find out what tools you need to serve the new generation of buyers. FLORIDA REALTORS® fl oridarealtors.org

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