Florida Realtor Jan/Feb 2011 : Cover

Law: HUD Addresses Homeowners’ Warranties and RESPA Join the Statewide OPEN HOUSE Mar. 26-27 pgs. 5 & 29 ® THE BUSINESS MAGAZINE OF FLORIDA n REAL I ESTATE i z a b e F / I fl g oridarealtors.org/magazine n ma e I Ja Jan/Feb 2 2011 Use this hot-business-niche guide to build your 2011 business plan. OPPORTUNITY ROCKS Florida Realtors 2011 Leadership Team: (front to back) Pat Fitzgerald, President, Summer Greene, President Elect, Sherri Meadows, Treasurer, Bill Furst, Secretary, Dean Asher, Vice President MARKET: STEADY AS SHE GOES There are signs of stability on the horizon. Find out just how long that will take. Plus Positioning A Small Brokerage for Growth 3D Home Tour App Crafting E ective Video Testimonials INSIDE: Hit Songwriter for The Four Tops, Commodores, Natalie Cole... One... LEADERSHIP TEAM The Power of Anyone can make a di erence at any time. The 2011 Leadership Team wants you to know that YOU can be the di erence. Idea, Organization, Team, Vote FLORIDA REALTORS® fl oridarealtors.org

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