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Passport F1 Lil’ Loupe More Specialties Charantais Charantais melons are French cousins to American musk-melons. They are very sweet, typically grow only to the size of a softball and are suitable for vertical growing on a trellis. F1 2490 Kelsey F1 60 days . Fruit exhibits a corky net over a yellow-green rind. Ivory green fl esh is sweet and aromatic. Plants are strong, potentially high pro-ducing and aggressive with large leaves that provide good cover. FW 1·2 , PM 1·2 . 2501 Passport F1 75 days. Get to the market fi rst with this very early specialty melon. Large, round fruits average 6 lbs. and 7" x 7", with very thick, fl avorful and aromatic light green fl esh. Sweet, fi rm fl esh averages 12-13% sugar at earliest harvest. Rinds have slight or no sutures and fi ne, full net. Fruits slip when ripe. Plants are vigorous and productive. Fresh Mkt, Shipping. Lilly F1 2438 Oui F1 77-82 days. Round to slightly oblate, dark orange fl esh, 3-4 pounds with butterscotch fl avor and high brix. Lightly sutured and netted, this unusual East-ern shipper has a strong, sweet taste. Fruit are fi rm with good shelf life. Strong disease tolerance makes this mel-on ideal for east coast production. Tolerant FW 1·2 , PM 2 . Personal Size Melons 2423 Lil' Loupe F1 76 days. Early, personal-sized "hand melon" is only 1½ to 2 lbs. Miniature version of a true eastern type cantaloupe. Round fruit has medium netting with distinct sutures and ribs. Orange fl esh is fi rm, sweet and fl avorful with small cavity. Tolerant FW 0·2 , PM 1 . Great novelty for Fresh Mkt. Christmas Sugar Cube F1 Christmas melons have a longer than average shelf life and are characterized by an elongated shape and splotchy yellow and green rind. 70 days from transplant. Special traditional type that harvests well late season. Smooth oval 2-4 lb melons. Thin rind, mottled green on yellow. Flesh is sweet, aromatic, and juicy. Fruit stores well until Christmas if you get the timing and conditions right. Resistant FW 1 , Tolerant FW 2 . 2422 Lambkin F1 Crenshaw Crenshaw melons are elongated, rich yellow sometimes streaked with light green, appearing slightly wrinkled at the stem ends. The fl esh inside is aromatic salmon orange with a delicious lightly spicy sweetness. package promotes development of super-high sweet-ness. Small 2 lb. melons pack a big taste, with full-fl avored 14 Brix rating. Round & fully netted. Deep orange fl esh, long shelf life, a must-have for the per-sonal hand melon market. The fl avor will appeal to any market. Resistant PM 1·2 , FW 0·1·2 , PRSV, WMV, ZYMV. Fresh Mkt, Restaurant, Local shipping. 2473U Sugar Cube F1 81 days. Superb unique disease 2475 Tasty Bites Lambkin F1 2426 Lilly F1 80-85 days. Great Crenshaw taste, with super high 15-16% Brix rating. Large long oval 8-10 lb melons with light orange fl esh and light smooth, light pale yellow rind. This one should sell well when folks see this hard-to-fi nd favorite back on your shelf again. Avg yield 3-4 fruits per plant in trials. Tolerant PM 1·2 , WMV, PMV. Roadside, Fresh Mkt, Regional Grocer. 75-80 days. Perhaps the ulti-mate gourmet personal sized melon with deep orange fl esh offset with green outer ring. Flavor is delicious, unique and sweet, resulting from its charantais and ananas parentage. Easy to grow, very vigorous and productive ripening over an extended harvest period. Above average shelf life. Offer customers halves at your market stand as a snack with a scoop of sherbet. Tolerant ALB, FW 1·2 , PM 1 . Fresh Mkt. F1 Melon Disease Codes ALB DM FW PMV PM PRSV Sul WMV ZYMV Alternaria Leaf Blight Downy Mildew Fusarium Wilt & Race #'s Potato Mosaic Virus Powdery Mildew & Race #'s Papaya Ringspot Virus Sulphur Damage Watermelon Mosaic Virus Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus 5 M (per M) Galia Galia melons are similar to cantaloupes in outward ap-pearance but slightly larger. Inside, the fl esh is yellow-green and is reported as exceptionally juicy. Oui F1 2482 Diplomat F1 75 days. Globe shaped, 5-6 lb mel-ons with no suture and fi ne netting. Thick, aromatic pale green fl esh is very sweet and fl avorful. Fruit re-mains on vine, so it can be harvested with the stem to avoid blossom-scar infection. Replaces Passport. Tolerant PM. Cat # 2482 2490 2422 2426 2423 2438 2501 2473U 2475 Cantaloupe (M=1000) 25 sd 2.15 1.45 3.40 1.95 3.25 1.95 2.15 3.00 2.95 100 sd 6.55 4.60 10.50 5.95 9.95 5.95 6.50 9.40 8.95 500 sd 1000 sd 27.50 19.20 44.15 25.15 41.80 25.15 27.50 39.50 37.25 48.00 33.25 76.55 43.55 72.60 43.55 47.50 68.65 66.00 10 M (per M) 15 M (per M) 30 M (per M) Tasty Bites F1 Diplomat Kelsey (GM-04-22) Lambkin Lilly Lil' Loupe Oui Passport Sugar Cube Tasty Bites 43.25 30.00 69.00 39.25 65.45 39.25 43.25 61.90 60.00 40.25 28.00 64.40 36.65 61.00 36.65 40.00 57.70 56.00 38.25 26.50 60.90 34.65 57.75 34.65 38.00 54.60 53.00 36.25 25.25 58.00 33.00 55.00 33.00 36.00 52.00 49.50 16

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