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Holistic View of Talent Karen Browne advises how workforce solutions are a game-changer for organizations looking to succeed in today’s tight talent market. During her reign as president of both PeopleScout and Advantage xPO, Karen Browne left a substantial mark on the workforce solutions industry. After a two-year respite, she now rejoins the industry as President and Chief Operating Officer for EG Workforce Solutions, a staffing firm built on innovation, passion, and strong leadership. She has a keen focus on bringing the company’s loyal customers forward-thinking workforce solutions that bring dexterity to a competitive landscape. Here, Browne speaks to today’s talent trends and what it will take for organizations to drive the market forward. Karen Browne President and Chief Operating Officer EG Workforce Solutions As the industry has evolved and today’s job seekers become more informed and selective, exceptional consultation skills are paramount in terms of winning the best talent. Organizations are going to have to execute creative solutions that are much broader in terms of tackling talent problems. Recruitment today is best addressed holistically with organizations looking across their entire workforce spectrum. Engagement is key to a large part of the total workforce and organizations need to weave it into their recruitment and retention strategies. EG Workforce Solutions approaches recruitment in a way that leverages the engagement of the entire workforce. When you have the means to create better messages that emphasize company purpose and passion, you will have the ability to attract talent and retain high performers. Organizations are also measuring success differently—such buzz words like quality of hire and time to hire are no longer enough. Q : A : How has the industry evolved? Today’s model of talent scarcity drives better behavior of employers. fame. Today’s model of talent scarcity drives better behavior of employers. Organizations need to live and breathe their brand in order to become an employer of choice. In general, employers usually have good stories to tell and are not telling them! What is their message to candidates? Do they live their values? What benefits does the company bring to market? What is the meaning of work to the greater good of the industry and society? An employee value proposition (EVP) that is compelling is something that truly makes a difference, especially in markets that are experiencing significant turnover due to retirement, where a loss of deep knowledge and experience poses high risk. Today’s job seekers want to work for a company they can be proud of and social responsibility is an important intangible that drives retention. It is here where an ADVERTORIAL EVP becomes persuasive and authentic to candidates. Companies also need to promote best practices and employee engagement through the entire lifecycle of talent— not just during the hiring process. Organizations will begin to have a holistic view of talent that is much broader than just a recruiting solution. It will be a whole talent solution that applies to the entire workforce. EG Workforce Solutions provides services to new hires that promote retention, but also encourages organizations to apply engagement solutions across to the entire workforce. • Technology needs to drive a seamless talent process. Applying for job should be an easy, streamlined process—one that attracts talent and promotes the employer brand. In order to be a game-changer, HR needs to have access to the latest technology that can help bolster the candidate experience. • Meaningful data from competitive mapping will help HR see what the best and biggest trends are in their industry. Data can show how the organization is doing—and how to be better. Anytime HR can bring meaningful data to board meetings, strategic decisions can be made. Q A : : What’s next? Workforce solutions can effectively attract and manage talent during either feast or [36] HRO TODAY MAGAZINE Q A : : How can organizations succeed in today’s market? | DECEMBER 2015

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