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IN PRINT / ONLINE / IN PERSON A Publication of NABD and SubPrime Auto Finance News 2 0 17 MEDI A K I T joins DriveTime’s Sauder Fame of Hall NABD NIADA Q2 Business Confi dence Survey 3 5 Safety a top priority auto auctions at 16 | No. 4 6 | Volume 3 July/August 201 A Publication of rime Auto Finance NABD and SubP News How resilient dealers are overcoming market share losses By Nick Zulovich, Senior Editor latest num-en comparing the CARY, N.C. — Wh t what the rm ins aga ve oti tom an Au bers from Experi buy-here, pay-ago, the loss for the is startling. reported ve years rket ma le ehic d-v the use here industry in all used nanc-of re sha H’s BHP of Experian pegged the rst quarter percent back in captives and ing at almost 20 ks, ban al erci en comm 2011-a time wh d to ramp up their panies just starte other nance com prime consumers sub cantly to originations signi alternative but to no previously had who might have . tor BHPH opera s year. Ex-purchase from a rst quarter of thi share Fast for ward to the the BHPH market s ha a dat t recen only perian’s most cent — ahead of per 13.8 at g of used nancin g amount of new-leadin the e tur cap captives, which erian’s data. according to Exp model nancing, ustry has certain-ind ere pay-h , “ e buy-here es,” said Melin-ni cant decreas ly seen some sig automotive nance of or ect dir r da Zabritski, senio for Experian. LOSSES continued Tips from FTC during the keynote presentation Commission made Trade Dealers. Federal of Buy-Here, Pay-Here Malini Mithal of the by the National Alliance Conference hosted this year’s National Regulator on page 12 Weathering the storm dealers Suggestions from and insurance experts 27513 Lane | Car y, NC 21 Pointe | 301 Cascade of an operator about how this ertising and more focus of the FTC. adv es. ess sin the FTC and 32 their bu Senior Editor In March 2015, By Nick Zulovich, regulator oversees t bes the of e on tners announced ly par bab ent pro s wa orcem enf “ at BHPH Re-law Federal Trade y dubbed “Op-e told l the at tha — S Mi wh ” , of me VEGA results LAS ts for thal initial-par spoke about the a nationwide Mi ” and ol, e lini ntr Ma ther Co se up n’s “I got tion Ru Commissio was before port . little bit of era wn aimed at a she e kdo ht gav crac ug I tho es. e order cas cross-b recent ly could hav and what and ort to pro-en a stand-our C e wh FT an up is the d gro ut ten ed abo tat ound they con a highly agi orce are. what operators backgr chasing or of enf pur n we tio t en lec tha wh col es ers sum in statut ing-room-only tion. I tect con presenta-the ma te isdic no jur key our her ut le. to g a vehic came to listen We talked abo e actual-leasin included 252 National Conference the bulk of the tim ose developments tion at this year’s ce, ex-ance of spent of Alli six new FTC l e audien na s. the tio ion Na to act g ads hosted by the to enforcement d Howev-ly showin than $2.6 foun s. re aler ’ve mo we De d t ere tha cases also include Buy-Here, Pay-H g amples of ads face dealers carryin netary judgments. mo atic. in n blem llio pro mi er, Mithal didn’t be a year earlier, the ting part was af-haps burning con-A little more than “ e most interes torches — or per o lly sed tinued. “I did rea with individuals wh total of 10 franchi a d con d ate she oci lude ” ass inc rd, ts C wa FT trac s ter ry in o or three month ionwide regulato nce to talk more tw nat cha a ing the in pay ate s ed ler reci pp sto app af-dea tallment deal. advertising. of the attendees ins on e g th on som usin h foc 48-m wit a th eep o sw int acting associ-dep complaints, the arks. e partic-According to the In fact, a er the my prepared rem a variety of ughtful ques-ision of nan-ter tho div made d, y the goo edl of ed or alleg ect ask s dealer ate dir ipants print, Internet the FTC’s bu-good dialogue. a in s hin wa ns it wit atio ht ug ent tices res tho misrep cial prac tions. I ents that violated s that kind of terse protection nished did not think it wa and video advertisem reau of consumer l spent anoth-I tha Mi n, ” atio all. at ent 12 her pres situation FTC continued on page g is one element eracting with attend-Dealer advertisin er 30 minutes int on dealer rity cla g kin see e ees who wer police itself sometimes can industry been a explains how ’s business that’s an industry leader offers the resources you’d expect NextGear Capital attentive support and dedicated, . from a local provider you’d expect from Photo by NABD Group Cherok ee Automotive US POSTAGE PAID PA E. GREENVILLE, Permit No. 555 P

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