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IN PRINT / ONLINE / IN PERSON Auto Finance News 2 0 17 MEDI A K I T Auto Finance News September + October 11 | No. 5 2016 | Volume Top 25 Lenders in Auto Finance Sponsored by See page 6 w vie pre eek W Used Car Predicting write-offs not easy By Nick Zulovich, Senior Editor Commentary: Digital subprime financing: The new kid in town 3 5 8 10 Photos by Jonathan , NC 27513 Pointe Lane | Cary ▼ ▼ Avoiding subprime completely can make credit unions ‘elitist’ ▼ Commentary: Let the consumer decide product benefits & values ▼ Commentary: Employee relations problems emerge for dealers: Things you need to know Vegas. The Red Rock coming back to Las Car Week’s Used Car Week is backdrop for Used the be will — the space finance Resort and Casino deep into the auto this issue Inside offerings that delve and the Re3 Conference. and best-practice SubPrime Forum the experts, information during our industry-is a glimpse of to be highlighted 12 and 13 recommendations . 14-18. See pages Nov for set leading events less a fi-ATLANTA — Un ounter-enc is y pan nance com investi-y tor ula reg ing a federal at they’re shar-gation, part of wh ers and oth-ing with sharehold their cur-are ers old keh er sta levels of ted jec pro rent and charge-offs. ting those And when compu sting expecta-eca for or ses los o lending sales tions, Equifax aut s acknowl-Sim ig leader Cra ies finance teg stra edged that the ge can run companies levera the gamut. using rela-“Some folks are In gener-s. del mo ple tively sim e into ac-tak to g al, they’re goin quality of what count the credit some view of they booked and mic environ-no eco cro ma the t’s data like ment, whether tha partnership our h we get throug unemployment, with Moody’s, ts of things,” oil prices, those sor to Finance Au me Pri Sub d Sims tol y. “In the Da r bo La News before they’re es, cas most simplistic l performance looking at historica e macro fac-compared with som ent. ym plo em un e tors lik of the spec-“At the other end very heavy e som trum, you’ve got who have a se-analytical lenders t predict each ries of models tha loss that you of e typ ual individ WRITE-OFFS continued on page 15 Fredin. Cherokee Media us out. .com/dealerinfo. Check tified cer armark w.c ww Kyle Reese 800.840.2567. Email kreese@carmark Group | 301 Cascade w! Call want to help you gro Contact us today. We US POSTAGE PAID PRST STD E. GREENVILLE, PA Permit No. 555

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