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2016 Women in Remarketing: Recognizing Excellence CARY, N.C. (April 15) — In what we’re proud to call an annual tradition, Auto Remarketing publishes a special issue to recognize the leading women of the remarketing and used-car business: our Women in Remarketing issue. Each of the leaders honored in our Women in Remarketing program takes on diff erent responsibilities within the industry, and the companies they represent encompass a diverse cross-section of the used-car market. Each has a unique and inspiring story to tell, both within and beyond the business world. 25 Why 3.6M off-lease units in 2017 could be ‘problematic’ (Oct. 10) 22 21 20 19 17 Subaru & Ford top brand-loyalty rankings CFPB amends compliance bulletin on service providers (Oct. 26) Cox Automotive goes ‘online to in-store’ with digital retail tool ATLANTA (March 23) — Cox Automotive said in March it would be releasing a Digital Retailing solution on April 1 that lets car shoppers start and agree to terms of a deal with the retailer online, then transition to an in-store process to fi nalize the transaction and take delivery. SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (Jan. 5) — Subaru and Ford are on top of two loyalty rankings released by Experian Automotive on Jan. 5, while the ranking of individual model loyalty was dominated by luxury vehicles. According to Experian’s analysis of roughly 6.8 million household repurchases that put pen to paper between October 2014 and September 2015, Subaru and Ford ranked highest, first and second, respectively, in both brand loyalty and manufacturer loyalty. Looking at individual models, Land Rover’s Range Rover was the model with the most repeat buyers (48.2 percent). 24 Tuesday at the CarMax Auction RALEIGH, N.C. (June 28) — On the same day but some 2,800 miles east of the 68th CarMax Auction’s grand opening in the San Francisco Bay Area, dozens of dealers gather under and around a garage-like structure on the morning of June 28. Much like the soggy weather here in the capital of North Carolina, the exterior of this building is gray. But the mood inside this one-lane auction arena couldn’t be more diff erent. Schwartz & team tackle ‘whole ecosystem’ of car-buying LAS VEGAS (April 18) — Th e stretch of NADA Convention expo fl oor space between the low 1100s and low 1800s resembles Cox Automotive’s version of 5th Avenue. But in place of shops like Saks, the Apple Store, J. Crew and Gucci are booths bearing car-biz-familiar brands like Dealertrack, Manheim, vAuto and Autotrader. Inside a typical convention hall makeshift offi ce within this corridor is Cox Automotive president Sandy Schwartz. 16 GM Financial keeping close watch of leasing volume FORT WORTH, Texas (June 27) — General Motors Financial rolled out its North American vehicle lease program during the second half of 2014 and became the exclusive provider for the parent automaker — assuming captive fi nance company status — early last year. As a result of those moves, GM Financial determined (at the time of this story) that leases were making up the largest portion of its earning assets composition, sitting at 38 percent and 9 percent higher than its retail installment contract segment. So is GM leveraging its captive too much to move new metal via leases? GM Financial chief fi nancial offi cer Chris Choate addressed that point and more about the OEM’s leasing activity during a special presentation in June. Auto Remarketing spent a Tuesday morning in June at CarMax auction in Raleigh, N.C. Photo by Joe Overby. Th e only thing moving faster than a vehicle’s stay inside the arena is the chant of the auctioneer, who squeezes in a “good to see you” or an occasional quip — like the sports car he cheekily explains is a “Corvette, not a Chevette.” Auto Remarketing is here to check out sale day at the CarMax Auction in Raleigh, getting a guided tour from auction services manager Jay Bostain. vAuto’s Stockwave hits 1,000 dealer clients in less than 30 days (May 2) 23 FTC charges 9 Los Angeles stores with yo-yo fi nancing & payment packing (Sept. 30) 18 Cox Automotive president Sandy Schwartz at the J.D. Power Automotive Forum. Photo credit: NADA. Along with the rest of the company, Schwartz has been as busy as Grand Central Station. Or to use parlance closer to Cox Automotive headquarters, Hartsfi eld–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. *Stories in order based on traffi c activity analysis on December 15–31, 2016 Auto Remarketing 9

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