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Duncan’s Tools Desktop: Dell Laptop: HP PDA: Blackberry Curve Printer/Fax/Scanner: HP All-in-One Software: Adobe Professional, Microsoft Oce, Top Producer Customize Proposals Each time Duncan submits a proposal (he prepares at least one each day), he tailors it to fit the buyer’s or seller’s criteria. “It’s a description of your services and how you market a property. For buyers, I ex-plain how I negotiate a great deal.” If Duncan’s proposals aren’t getting results, he re-evaluates. “For the last six months, for example, I’ve modified my proposal to say that I’m helping with short sales. “Even if [prospects] don’t choose me, people tend to remember my proposals or my photo when they see me out in public,” he says, adding that he hopes the recognition will generate business over time. Upload, Update Listings “When you’re on HomeGain, it’s similar to an account with eBay,” says Duncan. “You log in and type in all the informa-tion for that listing. [Once a week] my as-sistant or I will upload any listings that I’ve taken. “If I make a price change, I do it just like I would on Realtor.com or the MLS. HomeGain has probably had more of an impact on my buyer business, though, than the listing side because most people who are looking at real estate online are buyers doing Google searches. Sellers don’t shop the same way.” Pay as You Go For $60 a month, Duncan gets leads from 16 dierent ZIP codes. When he closes a sale, he says, he pays a referral fee, which varies, based on his sales volume and the transaction itself. “It’s set up for SEO [search engine opti-mization] and when a consumer goes on-line and searches for a real estate profes-sional through Google, Yahoo or blogs, HomeGain will typically [rank high on the list].” To ensure that he’s getting a good re-turn on his investment, Duncan regularly evaluates the system. “I will look at it and say, ‘OK, I received 27 leads this month.’ I hold them accountable too. “For agents who are busy, or new and nervous about talking on the phone or knocking on doors, it’s a great way to build the pipeline,” he adds. “Invest time and energy into setting up your proposals. Go to some of the [training] webinars and give it a chance because it takes time.” This column, designed to o er examples of the way salespeople and brokers are using technology, won the Silver Award in the 2008 Best Column category from the Florida Magazine Association. Opinions expressed here don’t reflect an endorsement of the views by Florida Realtor magazine or the Florida Asso-ciation of R ealtoRs ® . PHOTO BY MARK WEMPLE Online Lead Generation Services AgentStealth.com HomeGain.com Leads.com MarketLeader.com February 2009 FLORIDA REALTOR 15

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