4 VA at JMU Moving Forward 2014 : quotes1

What people are saying... It has been an honor to be engaged with the 4-VA initiative from its inception to date. I have seen the true power of partnership between government, educa-tion, and industry coalesce around a common goal. Virginia understands the sig-nificance of higher education being the cornerstone of our country’s economic growth, and through the strong leadership of Governor McDonnell, and the Pres-ident’s and senior leadership of the four founding institutions — JMU, UVA, GMU, and Virginia Tech — we are seeing transformation take place in a meaningful, sus-tainable way. — Carol Stillman, Cisco Systems, Inc. Though we just started this experience four weeks ago, I believe the variety of stu-dents’ backgrounds and educations enriches the learning experience inside the classroom, especially when learning a challenging language like Arabic. My stu-dents at VT had different language skills and their participation with JMU students has had a positive impact so far. — Israa Alhassani With my unique background as being a practicing medical clinician coupled with my experience as a university educator, I am constantly looking for ways to make content more relevant for students. 4-VA provides me with the opportunity to fur-ther expand this mission. — Erika Kancler, MD

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