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GOALS AUTHORITY ATTRACTION QUALIFICATION DEVELOPMENT DIVERSIFYING THE WORKFORCE Promoting untapped resources and encouraging the current workforce to grow the talent pipeline GET SKILLS TO WORK HELPING VETERANS Initiative helps veterans get a foot in the door with manufacturers LOCAL, 4A Friday December 2013 6 ANOTHER WEBSITE GLITCH SCHROER’S LAST PROJECT Some people told they’re eligible for Medicaid NATION, 11A Christian hip-hop concert is rollout of label LOCAL, 4A 32˚/ 14˚ Idem&#16;WdZ&#16;ib[[j FROM DEAN TO DOROTHY Holiday movie box sets offer arrays of extras — and even a T-shirt TECHNOLOGY, 5B Keep in touch with the weather. Download our Storm Shield app at courierpress.com/apps One dollar courierpress.com ‘We’ve lost our greatest son’ Pence lists top Get Skills to Work launches statewide activity in Illinois and Indiana ■ Mandela paved way to forgiveness By Christopher Torchia and Marcus Eliason Associated Press Institute develops strategic plan to expand Get Skills to Work in 2014 10 | Milestones JOHANNESBURG — Nelson Mandela, who became one of the world’s most be-loved statesmen and a co-lossus of the 20th century when he emerged from 27 years in prison to negotiate an end to white minority rule in South Africa, has died. He was 95. South African President Jacob Zuma made the an-nouncement at a news conference late Thurs-day, saying “we’ve lost our greatest son.” His death closed the final chapter in South Africa’s struggle to cast off apartheid, leaving the world with indelible mem-ories of a man of astonish-ing grace and good humor. Rock concerts celebrated his birthday. Hollywood stars glorified him on screen. And his regal bear-ing, graying hair and raspy voice made him instantly recognizable across the globe. As South Africa’s first black president, the ex-boxer, lawyer and prisoner No. 46664 paved the way to racial reconciliation with well-chosen gestures of forgiveness. He lunched with the prosecutor who sent him to jail, sang the apartheid-era Afrikaans anthem at his inaugura-tion, and traveled hun-dreds of miles to have tea with the widow of Hendrik See MANDELA, 14A agenda priorities By Chelsea Schneider chelsea.schneider@courierpress.com 317-631-7405 Jennifer McNelly awards 160 women the STEP Ahead Award ■ No. 1 is end of business tax :;D?I&#16;<7HH;BB&#16;%&#16;7IIE9?7J;:&#16;FH;II&#16;7H9>?L;I <ehc[h&#16;Iekj^&#16;7\h_YWd&#16;Fh[i_Z[dj&#16;D[bied&#16;CWdZ[bW"&#16;.-"&#16;_i&#16;_d&#16;W&#16;`el_Wb&#16; ceeZ&#16;Wj&#16;j^[&#16;CWdZ[bW&#16;<ekdZWj_ed$&#16;CWdZ[bW"&#16;/+"&#16;Z_[Z&#16;J^khiZWo$ Highlander in spotlight INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence began to detail his agenda for the upcoming Indiana General Assembly session Thurs-day, calling the phaseout of the state’s bu si ne s s personal prop e r t y tax and the creation of a voucher program for prekin-C_a[&#16;F[dY[ der g a r ten as priorities.

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