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T he Manufacturing Institute has positioned itself as the foremost authority on manufacturing workforce issues in the United States. Leaders within the organization are regularly sought after for information and opinions on the skills gap and the manufacturing economy. In 2013, Institute professionals were quoted or featured in stories covered by The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Washington Post, CBS, and the Chronicle for Higher Education , among many others. We are influencing the local, national, and international dialogue in other ways as well. We are the go-to resource not only for the media, but for high-profile national manufacturing initiatives, like President Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) 2.0 and the World Economic Forum. We are partnering with some of America’s leading research and consulting firms to provide baseline data to develop impactful programs and initiatives for the manufacturing industry. 2,750 Twitter followers, up 1,000 from 2012 $2.67M earned media value in 2013 550 Twitter followers for President, up from 0 in 2012 368,633 page views, up from 253,395 in 2012 107,446 website visits, up from 78,604 in 2012 79,346 unique visitors, up from 55,310 in 2012 Institute releases report on value of credentials Institute named among top workforce nonprofits for 2013 Milestones | 5

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