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hcr Befitting our I-Week theme, entries in the 2013 International Photo Contest tested traditional notions of borders and boundaries and helped us see the world in new and intriguing ways. Since the contest’s beginning in 2000, every year has brought a wealth of dazzling images to challenge our judges. Enjoy these first-place winners in each of our categories. Architecture Cory D’Orazio Japan Miscellaneous Caitlin Shipman Italy Nature Phillip Hartman England People Nicole Heruth Kenya Sustainability Mandalyn Swanson Sweden Study Abroad Statistics 2013-14 Juniors 47% Sophomores 27% CAL 32% CHBS 18% COB 16% CVPA 8% Seniors 18% CISE 8% CSM 7% Freshmen 6% COE 6% SHSRM 3% Graduate School 2% Domestic 3% External 8% Short-Term 61% Semester 26% Master’s 2% Master’s 2% Participation by Class Participation by College Participation by Program Type Numbers continue to rebound in record-setting participation, with applications up by 21%. Each year the Institute of International Education publishes Open Doors, which ranks the study abroad activity of colleges and universities across the U.S. Here is how JMU placed in the most recent edition: For students studying abroad in long-term programs – #12. For students studying abroad in semester-long programs – #7. For students studying abroad for a short-term period – #2. And for total number of students studying abroad – #2. #2

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