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make him famous: using his new “penny candy.” Civil War soldiers invention to create lozenges that carried candies in their pockets were just candy. along with bullets and gunpowder. Back in the early 1800s, As the decades passed, steam-candy was popular in Europe but powered candy machines replaced extremely expensive in America. Chase’s hand-cranked roller. Only a few different kinds were Companies competed fiercely to available—clumps of tooth-busting introduce new flavors and textures, rock candy, sticks of homemade like chewy jelly beans, waxy candy peppermint, or sticky lemon drops. corn (known back then as “chicken And even those were hard to find. feed”), gooey caramels, and fluffy Kids who craved sweets had to settle marshmallows. Candymakers even for dried fruits or puddings sweetened sent spies to Europe to steal secret Oliver Chase and with molasses, a cheap syrup. candy recipes and smuggle them back his candy-making machine. His But Oliver Chase was about to to America. creations eventually help put candy into the mouths of The biggest candy breakthrough became known as Necco Wafers. almost any American who longed came in 1899, when a Pennsylvania for it. He named his new candies candymaker named Milton Hershey Chase Lozenges. The hard, quarter-sized sugar figured out how to turn chalky and bitter cocoa wafers were sold in stacks. The candy was an into creamy milk chocolate bars. His Hershey’s immediate hit. Kisses and bars became best-sellers. Sweet Treats for All Candy Bar Classics Even more important to candy history was By the 1920s, Americans could choose from Chase’s lozenge-making machine, which was thousands of different kinds of candies of every soon being sold all around the country. For the imaginable size, texture, and flavor. Many classic first time, American candymakers could produce chocolate bars and candies introduced nearly sweet treats in large quantities and sell them a century ago are still beloved today, including cheaply in stores. Milky Way, Milk Duds, Tootsie Rolls, Hershey Suddenly you didn’t have to be and the world’s current No. 1-selling introduced chocolate bars rich to afford chewy gum drops or a candy bar, Snickers. to America, but mouth-watering butterscotch. Stores Far fewer kinds of candy are sold other companies, sold dozens of different varieties of today than during candy’s “golden like Mars, soon followed. age” in the 1920s and 1930s. But we Americans still devour $33.6 billion worth a year. Candymakers have continued to dream up new kinds of candies to surprise and delight us. In the early 1980s, the first Gummi bears invaded America from Germany. Around the same time, candy scientists combined sugar with malic acid to create super-sour, 14 STOR YWORKS ARTWORK COURTESY OF THE NEW ENGLAND CONFECTIONERY COMPANY 2015. (OLIVER CHASE); BOSTON GLOBE/GETTY IMAGES (NECCO WAFERS); FOOD TREE IMAGES/ALAMY (HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE); GRANGER, NYC/THE GRANGER COLLECTION (MARS AD)

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