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6 9 Live Events Auto Remarketing Canada is THE leading conference for the used-car and remarketing industry. Each year, we tip our hats to the good work being done across the industry. Industry Recognition { Enhance and expand your marketing efforts at Auto Remarketing Canada Conference and IARA. Bonus Circulation AUTO REMARKETING CANADA 0 1 8 The Features on the leaders of the pack; see what makes them thrive. In-Demand Issues The NewsMagazine Auto Remarketing Canada ® 4, JULY-AUGUST VOL. 4, NO. Industr y of the Pre-Owned www.autoremar | MANUFACTURERS AL EXECUTIVES , LEASE, RENT INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS GERS | FLEET & USED-VEHICLE | USED CAR MANA | REMARKETING | USED CAR DEALERS | AUTO AUCTIONS CAR DEALERS ANIES | BANKS COMP READ BY: NEW FINANCE CAPTIVE & INDEPENDENT Auto Re marketin g Can | USED FINANCE CAR COMP DEALERS ANIES | USED | BANKS CAR | AUTO MANA GERS AUCTIONS | FLEET | REMARKETING , LEASE, Digital NewsMagazine of the Pre-Owned Industr y READ CAPTIVE BY: NEW CAR & INDEPENDENT DEALERS RENT AL EXECU & USED-VEHICLE ® www .autoremar keting .com F RA Top DEA NCH IS L E Across ERSH D I PS Can 2016 VOL. 4, NO . 1, JAN a da Leading Dealer presen ted by Groups Januar y-Febr uar y 2016 Plus : Busin The Grow in es s o f CPO g www .AutoRemar Auto Remar keting Canada 1 Plus: F&I Report Industry Partners Our writing staff has great relationships with industry thought leaders, data providers, associations, alliances and organizations. All to bring the reader the latest trends, best practices and impactful changes to the industry. 3

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